Not all candles are the same

We specifically selected these candles because for over 16 years, our supplier’s aim is to produce organic, high quality, environmentally friendly candles, uniquely manufactured with ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to the environment.

These truly natural and organic candles are a better choice over normal main stream candles.

Our candles are not made from petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax. This means they are clean burning, non toxic smoke, have no harmful effects, are additive free and not tested on animals.

The candles are made from the beneficial characteristics of clean burning sustainable plant wax natural essential oils & some with fragrance oils.

Therefore, the aroma is natural, long lasting and beautifully scented.

The plant wax, palm and soya oils are traceable from plantations that are not derived from deforested areas. Our material supplier is a member of the Board created by the United Nations to promote best practice and ethics in sourcing and producing palm oil.

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